Millennials reveal atleast 10 Ways to build brands on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

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05 Jan Millennials reveal atleast 10 Ways to build brands on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

As Online Brand Custodians figuring out what social channels to use, to get the messaging right could be a tricky one. To help us justify our choice of social media channels to communicate brand objectives a recent study by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center was carried out.

The study covered about 405 Millennials (People born between 1980 and 2000) living in the USA. Brand engagement habits of Millennials on social channels like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook were researched in Fall of 2014. The findings from the study may be useful for both Digital Marketeers and Brand Managers, for effective social media usage including audience & message targeting.

According to the study, if you are a Marketeer, Twitter should mostly be best used to “Offer Deals.” Pinterest should mostly be used to “Help potential buyers to buy & Understand personal interests of your audience.” Facebook should mostly be used to “Get Brand Support, Share Updates & Get Brand Endorsements.”

A deep dive in to the report reveals more interesting facts. The top 2 most liked companies on Facebook are Nike and Apple. Whereas, Nike and Victoria’s secret are the top 2 most followed companies on Twitter.

The secret to building a brand which is seen as engaging and socially active is to ensure that the product/service offering is of high quality. A study by an Advertising Agency Moosylvania reveals what goes through a Millennials mind resulting in online brand engagement.

Millenials Brand Consideration Criteria on Social Media

To ensure that a brand is preferred over its competition it needs to get atleast 2 things right i.e.

  1. Understand its target audience’s brand consideration criteria
  2. Selection of appropriate social media channels in line with the brand objectives to connect & engage with its target audience