The right way to measure the success of your Digital Marketing Campaign 


05 Dec The right way to measure the success of your Digital Marketing Campaign 

Observe these guidelines to determine & measure how effectively you are reaching out to your potential clients 

We’re residing in a world with an increasing number of individuals utilizing mobile phones, tablets & computer systems to look into issues they used to resolve from print newspapers and magazines and their TV and radio units. Companies have made this shift to cater to their audience by increasingly going places where their audiences are by also taking the digital marketing route. But often, companies and most importantly marketeers are not sure if their efforts of going digital have been profitable? To address some of these issues the following guidelines could be of help…

Getting access to data

With digital marketing comes easier access to data. Data coupled with analytics provides insight that the marketeers can use to determine what worked, where it worked, how well it worked and what can be done to make it work better.

Determining the appropriate metrics

This will rely upon what a business wants to achieve through being online. A simple objective can be to increase online sales. This could be metrics centered around measuring web traffic. The measurement metric may include traffic source, bounce rate, pages visited, conversion ratio, etc.

Social Mentions

As part of brand building online, social mentions are critical towards determining success or failure of a digital marketing campaign. Social mentions could come in the form of favourites, likes & shares or retweets on Facebook & Twitter respectively.


For most of the marketeers a digital campaign is most successful only when there is a high ROI. Some of the elements that will help us determine ROI for a digital marketing campaign include‘price per lead,’ ‘number of leads’ & ‘lead to close ratio.’

A digital marketing campaign could lead to positive or negative ROI based on various factors. The outcome of a positive ROI could mean marketing efforts have bore fruit and this could lead to similar campaigns targeting similar channels with similar messaging. A negative ROI could mean adoption of an alternative approach to get the messaging right through appropriate channels. All this done through intuition but through insights generated through analytics coupled with raw data.

Brand Perception 

Every campaign successful or unsuccessful could lead to building of brand perception. A simple way of finding out the brand perception could be asking the audience what they kind about the campaign and its effect on the overall perception of the brand. This can be achieved through setting up online surveys post purchase of a product or service or as part of the sale itself. A simple points based rating on different attributes will equip the marketeer to find out how the campaign was received by the target audience and what led to success or failure of the campaign. Leading to what else can be done, why it needs to be done, when, where, how and by whom.